Review: “Prodigy” (Legend #2) by Marie Lu

A month ago, I read both Legend and Prodigy (it only took me 3 days), and I only wrote a review on Legend. That didn’t seem really fair, so I decided to write a review on Prodigy anyway, because this book is so good!

[Only read this review if you have read Legend! Review Legend: click HERE]

The book pics up exactly where Legend left us. In a train, on their way to… safety. And in this case, it’s Las Vegas. Both hurt, they are afraid to be found by Elector Primo or other soldiers that work for Elector Primo. They find out Elector Primo is dead and the new Primo will be his son: Anden. June doesn’t know what to think about him.

It’s very good to see that June and Day are finally together and they sure don’t wanna be apart. I hated the fact that in Legend they both had NO idea what really had happened to their families. And Day still has no idea where his little brother is: Elector Primo had abducted him.

The book slows down a bit once they are at the Patriots. As soon as there is a plan how to cause a revolution, the two of them split up both on a different mission. Because this book is from both June’s and Day’s point of view, the story got more complicated and deep. Theway Day trusts June in the end, makes clear he really loves her.

They have both NO idea who to trust and where to go. Should they kill Elector Anden or can they trust him? Is their society really that bad? And what about The Colonies? Is that a safe place to go?

The book awnsers a lot of questions, so I was glad to find out what was the truth and what not. But the problem with this book, is that the end is so fast and thrilling that it left me with even more questions. Marie Lu finished Prodigy with the most heartbreaking cliffhanger EVER and she got me waiting for Champion (probably fall 2013) with the same feeling as Insurgent (Veronica Roth, Divergent #2). Only worse. Yes, worse.

I was in tears.

I think this book is a worthy follow up to Legend and you will need waterproof mascara to survive the end of the book. I think this book should be WAY MORE populair than it is. It could be the next Hunger Games. And me, being a Tribute, addict to The Hunger Games, saying something like that… well, believe me. This book is GOOD!

Thumbs up for Marie Lu! 🙂


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