My new “Mystic” (Fated#3) book by Alyson Noël

A few weeks ago I went to Berlin, and bought a book called “Echo” by Alyson Noël. Turned out, it was the second book in The Soul Seekers series, so I couldn’t start reading yet. I searched all the bookshops in Berlin for the first book, but I couln’t find it. Back in the Netherlands, I ordered the first book “Fated” online and it came with the mail a couple of days ago.

Today I was in a random bookshop close to where I live. I wasn’t there to buy a book, I was only there to look around. Turns out I’m not good in the whole ‘only looking not buying’ thing. It felt like a message from above when I saw the third book in the series, even though the bookshop didn’t sell the first nor the second book.

Coincidence right?

I’m really excited to read these books, the bad thing is I have ZERO time to read. So I’ll just put it on my already stuffed bookshelve. I love the cover so much, it’s so pretty!

If you wanna know more about the book – I know I do because I haven’t read any of the books yet (I guess the serie has 4 books so I’ll have to buy the last one too) – check out the website of The Soul Seekers!

This is my copy of the book! 🙂Image


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