Demi’s new album: DEMI

I know by blog is mostly about books, but since I’m really into music too, I’ll do a quick post about Demi Lovato’s new album called DEMI!

I think everybody must know what a strong woman Demi Lovato is. She suffered from eating disorders and self harm, but fought her way back. She cut off a tour and got into a treatment centre. When she got out, she shared her story with the world. Her album “Unbroken” was an instant hit and through her music she shared her feelings with the audience. She did some interviews and told the world she was finally strong enough.

Demi is a hard working woman and really wanted to chance the world. After Unbroken she became a judge at the X-Factor and after that, she recorded a new album. On youtube she shares what this album is about. She says, in one of the videos on youtube: “I feel like I work best, when I focuss on one thing at time.”

I’ve been a fan since Camp Rock and a Lovatic just before Unbroken came out. I think this album really shows how Demi sees the world now she’s ‘better’. She is stronger now.

Her single “Heart Attack” was a big succes and debute on number one. Everybody was really enthousiastic and fans got the chance to unlock her new CD 4 days before the release date. They trended every song on Twitter and Demi was really proud.

My personal favorite is ‘Warrior’. The lyrics is so strong. She sings she wants to share a story about her life, she never shared before. About how she was pulled down by demons and how she got up again. She sings she’s a warrior now, exactly the title of the song: Warrior. My other favorite is “Two Pieces” because this has a really original sound 🙂

I’ll end this post with telling all of you to buy her album ‘DEMI’. Not sure yet? Here’s the tracklist of the album!

1. ‘Heart Attack’
2. ‘Made In the USA’
3. ‘Without the Love’
4. ‘Neon Lights’
5. ‘Two Pieces’
6. ‘Nightingale’
7. ‘In Case’
8. ‘Really Don’t Care’ (feat. Cher Lloyd)
9. ‘Fire Starter’
10. ‘Something That We’re Not’
11. ‘Never Been Hurt’
12. ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’
13. ‘Warrior’


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