My new “Mystic” (Fated#3) book by Alyson Noël

A few weeks ago I went to Berlin, and bought a book called “Echo” by Alyson Noël. Turned out, it was the second book in The Soul Seekers series, so I couldn’t start reading yet. I searched all the bookshops in Berlin for the first book, but I couln’t find it. Back in the Netherlands, I ordered the first book “Fated” online and it came with the mail a couple of days ago.

Today I was in a random bookshop close to where I live. I wasn’t there to buy a book, I was only there to look around. Turns out I’m not good in the whole ‘only looking not buying’ thing. It felt like a message from above when I saw the third book in the series, even though the bookshop didn’t sell the first nor the second book.

Coincidence right?

I’m really excited to read these books, the bad thing is I have ZERO time to read. So I’ll just put it on my already stuffed bookshelve. I love the cover so much, it’s so pretty!

If you wanna know more about the book – I know I do because I haven’t read any of the books yet (I guess the serie has 4 books so I’ll have to buy the last one too) – check out the website of The Soul Seekers!

This is my copy of the book! 🙂Image


Demi’s new album: DEMI

I know by blog is mostly about books, but since I’m really into music too, I’ll do a quick post about Demi Lovato’s new album called DEMI!

I think everybody must know what a strong woman Demi Lovato is. She suffered from eating disorders and self harm, but fought her way back. She cut off a tour and got into a treatment centre. When she got out, she shared her story with the world. Her album “Unbroken” was an instant hit and through her music she shared her feelings with the audience. She did some interviews and told the world she was finally strong enough.

Demi is a hard working woman and really wanted to chance the world. After Unbroken she became a judge at the X-Factor and after that, she recorded a new album. On youtube she shares what this album is about. She says, in one of the videos on youtube: “I feel like I work best, when I focuss on one thing at time.”

I’ve been a fan since Camp Rock and a Lovatic just before Unbroken came out. I think this album really shows how Demi sees the world now she’s ‘better’. She is stronger now.

Her single “Heart Attack” was a big succes and debute on number one. Everybody was really enthousiastic and fans got the chance to unlock her new CD 4 days before the release date. They trended every song on Twitter and Demi was really proud.

My personal favorite is ‘Warrior’. The lyrics is so strong. She sings she wants to share a story about her life, she never shared before. About how she was pulled down by demons and how she got up again. She sings she’s a warrior now, exactly the title of the song: Warrior. My other favorite is “Two Pieces” because this has a really original sound 🙂

I’ll end this post with telling all of you to buy her album ‘DEMI’. Not sure yet? Here’s the tracklist of the album!

1. ‘Heart Attack’
2. ‘Made In the USA’
3. ‘Without the Love’
4. ‘Neon Lights’
5. ‘Two Pieces’
6. ‘Nightingale’
7. ‘In Case’
8. ‘Really Don’t Care’ (feat. Cher Lloyd)
9. ‘Fire Starter’
10. ‘Something That We’re Not’
11. ‘Never Been Hurt’
12. ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’
13. ‘Warrior’

Update on my ‘To Read’ list

A quick update for you guys. Here’s a list of book I’ve bought the last couple of weeks and I haven’t read them yet bc not enough time.

1. Legend (#1) and Prodigy (#2) by Marie Lu. I’m really excited to read these books, that’s why these books are on top of my list. Genre: scifi.

2. Whisper (#2) and Forever (#3) by Maggie Stiefvater. I’m halfway through the second book and I can’t wait to continue. Genre: fantasy

3. The Soul Seekers books by Alyson Noël. I already have Echo (#2), and Fated (#1) is on its way by the mail. I still have to order Mystic (#3) and the last book Horizon (#4) but that one’s not released yet. I also found out today the movie rights are sold! 😀 Genre: fantasy

4. The Vampire Academy books. The worst part is I only have the last three books and not the first three books. And that sucks. Genre: fantasy

5. Alex Cross by James Patterson. This is totally different from the books I usually read but I’ve heard it’s a really good book! And… I’ve won this book, I didn’t buy it 😉 Genre: action

I also have to read, for school, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, and Life of Pi 🙂 So there’s so much to read! At the moment I’m reading To Catch A Mockingbird so… I need more than 24 hours per day! Hahaha… keep hoping 😉

What do you think about those books?

More on “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth

The last couple of weeks have been plenty of fun for all the Divergent fans! For those who have never heard about Divergent, here’s a short introduction: Divergent is a book about a post apocalyptic world. The story follows Tris Prior, who lives with the faction “Abnegation” with her brother, mother and father. One day she has to choose her faction for the rest of her life. There are 5 factions she can choose: Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Candor and Erudite. Every faction has their own way of living. When Tris takes the test to determine which faction fits her the best, she finds out she is ‘Divergent’ what means she has more than one test outcome: she fits in with Abnegation, Dauntless and Eridute. From the moment she decides her faction, the world kinda turns upside down for her. And the biggest problem is that she has to keep it a secret she is Divergent.

The book is written by Veronice Roth and has already one sequel called Insurgent. The last part of the trilogy will be released on October 22th, 2013. At the moment, Divergent is turned into a movie. They’re already filming it! The movie will hit the cinemas March 21st, 2013 in the USA.

I started my story with some exciting new for all de Divergent fans, also called Initiates.

First, the title of the book was released: Allegiant.

Second, the slogan was released! Every book of the Divergent series has their own slogan. To freshen your mind, I’ve written them down for you!

Divergent: “One Choice Can Transform You”

Insurgent: “One Choice Can Destroy You”

Allegiant: “One Choice Will Define You”

Third, the cover was shown on tv! Veronica Roth was guest at the Today Show, and she showed us the cover of Allegiant! I think the cover is really strong.


So this was all the new stuff on Allegiant! There’s more news: There were some set photos of Divergent released by EW and other well known websites. And there’s more: Insurgent, the second part of the trilogy, will also be filmed! Brian Duffield will write the script. I’ve never heard of him, so I hope he’ll do a good job 🙂

Got any questions? I’ll awnser them!

Review: “Beautiful Creatures” (Beautiful Creatures #1) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

ATTENTION: This review might contain SPOILERS.

Saga: #1 of the ‘Caster Chronicles” (in total there are 4 parts)

Movie: Yes, released in February 2013.

Gatlin, a small town in the South of the USA. A boy, named Ethan Wate, has weird dreames. Every night he sees a girl slipping through his fingers. But he is never able to see the end of the dream adn wakes up sweaty and out of breath.

Everything in Gatlin is how it always was. And Ethan doesn’t like that. He lives with Amma, an old woman who can See things, though Ethan ofcourse doesn’t believe that in the beginning. While reading the book, you find out Amma actually is a Seer, and Ethan will believe her.

Back to the story. Ethan’s mom died a year ago and his dad locked himself up in his study ever since. He never comes out en barely talks. People in town always feel sorry for Ethan, because his mom died and his father became a lunatic. This is something Ethan really hates. This is worked out pretty funny in the book 🙂

But Ethan and his family aren’t the biggest talk in town anymore. The big gossip is about the niece of Old Man Ravenwood, who is compared with Boo Radley (“To Kill A Mockingbird”). He lives in a ‘hauted’ house and never comes out. But today his niece, Lena Duchannes, comes in town to live with him.

And this is where I think the author made the habitants of Gatlin overreact. The minute Lena steps into school, everybody hates her. Weird things happen and everybody turns against Lena. Except for Ethan. This is, ofcourse, totally obvious. He likes her the minute she walkes in and they get to know eachother. I think this part of the book takes a long time, but that’s good. They aren’t just friends in a blink of an eye. It takes a while.

Ethan and Lena fall in love and Lena tells Ethan about her secret: she is, in fact, a very strong Caster. And in a view days, her life will change radically.

And then the story starts to become a rollercoaster. The moment Lena turns 16, she will be Claimed to Dark or Light. Lena is afraid she’ll turn Dark like her niece Ridley. Ethan wants Lena to turn Light. The closer they get to the Claiming, the more complecated their story becomes. From old stories they learn that it’s impossible for a Mortal (Ethan) and a Caster (Lena) to be together.

This part of the story is really exciting to read. Lena reveals more and more of the Caster world to Ethan which is so much cooler than our Mortal world. Ethan is madly in love with Lena and from the things he thinks and says, it’s clear he will never give up on her.

Lena finds out her mom is not dead. As a Caster, you’re not raised by your parents, but by any other close family member, so she was told her parents were dad. Her uncle, Old Man Ravenwood, actually called Macon, had always lied to her. But the truth is much more complicated, since her mom is the Darkest Caster alive. Sarafine, Lena’s mom, wants Lena to turn Dark. This a really intresting turn. I never saw this coming. Just like the end.


Hold your breath because the end of the story is one big explosion of happenings. Sarafine shows up, Ridley (a Sirene, she can persuade people to do anything) almost kills Ethan’s dad, Ethan almost get killed, Macon gets killed (holy shit, cried my eyes out) and in the end Lena stops the ‘Sixteenth Moon’. She’s not claimed.

End of story. BAM.

Take a deep breath, I told myself. Remember there are three more books, this is not the end of the story.

So, what did I think about the book? First of all: I loved it! It’s written in a way you will love Ethan and his love for Lena. Ethan is one of those persons who stays positive until the end. Second: the story is pretty original. I’ve never read a story about a girl turning Dark or Light on her sixteenth birthday. And third, what I found really refreshing, you see everything happen through the eyes of Ethan. Most of the YA stories are about girls. This one is about a boy.

There’s only one thing I didn’t like: Sometimes, things take so long. Ethan going to his old Aunts, Ethan doing this, Ethan doing that. I was looking forward to Lena so much, I couldn’t stand is if Ethan wasn’t busy with her (I think I was a bit obsessed).

I want to finish my review with a few questions:

– Will Lena be Claimed?
– What is this ‘Sixteenth Moon’-song about?
– Is Ridley really ‘bad’?

I think this book is in the first place, for people who love the read a book as some kind of a detective: while reading you find out things and if you put the pieces together, you’ll understand things faster than Ethan does. Also, this book contains a lot of flashbacks, which makes it all a little bit more historical. This book is not TOO romantic and doesn’t contain TOO much violence or gory details.

If you have any questions or comments, be my guest! (Since I’m Dutch, you can also react in Dutch!)


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